The Professional Company

Dance, rhythms, hits, percussion and theatre, these are the ingredients of the success of the professional tapdance-company "The Tap Show Company".

The company was founded in the 1990's by Joelle Ribant, European Champion in Tap Dance, musician and choreographer. She has her own dance school now, which specializes in American Tap, combined with a strong orientation towards Musical.

Trough the years, some excellent dancers have emerged, expressing the wish to do something more, and more seriously too. So, little was needed to get a professional company started.

Together, these "footwork-technicians" have developed several dances which are a tribute to the Golden Years of the 1930's. The great musical classics come back to life, reviving the magical atmosphere of the Cotton Club through the jazz and swingrhythms of Broadway.

Together with the Retro-style, the young company soon wants to modernise the image of Tap Dancing. The Australian "Tap Dogs" and the English "Stomp" already cleared the way with their innovative shows and in Ireland Michael Flatley freed the Irish Hardshoe-dance from the traditional "folk"-scene with his appearance in "Riverdance". The Tap Show Company follows suit, and experiments with new rhythmic styles, inspired by new musical trends. Joelle and her troupe developed a passion for modern choreographies in urban-style, always very dynamic and with a lot of percussion.

The strong point of the company is its versatility. The different "ready-to-dance" acts can be adapted to any occasion and any situation. The strong reputation of the troupe is mainly forged by its stage experience and sense of professionalism.

With their new creation "Café Frappé", The Tap Show Company wants to explore all four corners of the world with a combination of the musicality of the taps, percussion and body-drumming.